Dr Helen Naylor – Turning the Pages of Tudor London

Thursday | Oct 5
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Live event or show


Qualified Westminster tour guide and lecturer, Dr Helen Naylor, explores how literature depicts the reality of life in London in Tudor times. Helen will give a delightful talk at Ashtead’s Word on the Street Bookshop – bringing London’s history to life. The tickets are available from the bookshop and include a glass of wine/soft drink

Event content type

Workshop or talk

Audience suitability

Suitable for all

Venue & location

Word on the Street Bookshop, Ashtead, 60 The Street, KT21 1AW

Registration/Booking information

Pay for event | Booking required
Web: https://www.wordonthestreetbookshop.co.uk
Booking Email: hello@wordonthestreetbookshop.co.uk
Telephone: 01372 273932
Ticket Price: £15
Tickets are available from the shop, so please do drop by, send us an email or call in


Event organiser

Name: Dawn Brewer
Email: hello@wordonthestreetbookshop.co.uk

Dr Helen Naylor talk called Turning the Pages of Tudor London part of the Arts Alive Festival.