REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE Community Fashion Show

Friday | Oct 27
7:30 PM -9:30 PM

Live event or show


The REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE Community Fashion Show on 27 October builds on the success of the previous show in July when 23 local people modelled pre-loved clothes from Bookham’s charity shops, at St Nicolas Church in the centre of the village.
Roz, a model in July said,” I watched these shy people transform into models…our inner divas burst out like a hidden superpower. We shared a thing that gave us delight – dressing creatively”.
On 27 October another audience will be immersed in REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE when Bookham’s businesspeople join local people strut their stuff along the catwalk in pre-loved clothes. They’ll raise the roof of St Nicolas church to a playlist which will get the audience rocking.
This is Bookham showing off its talent for change in the community – a new way of thinking, a more sustainable lifestyle, a pre-loved culture, a passion for the planet.
Fashion can be beautiful to look at, and the clothes we wear tell stories of our cultural change. Buying clothes from charity shops, can make people feel good about themselves, their style and about the planet.
In Bookham we have a rich heritage and a diverse community. The REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE Community Fashion Show is intertwining change, fashion, fun. It’s a key to demonstrating the change that’s needed to grow a bigger audience for recycling our clothes.

Event content type

Dance | Arts & craft

Audience suitability

Best suited to an adult audience

Venue & location

St Nicolas Church, Bookham, Church Rd, Great Bookham, KT23 3PG

Registration/Booking information

Voluntary Contribution | No booking required

Event organiser

Name: Monica Weller