Teatime Gramophone Recital

Wednesday | Oct 4
2:30 PM -4:30 PM

Live event or show


The William Cole Music Trust invites you to one of two events as part of the Mole Valley Arts Festival. The Trust was set up in St Martin’s Church to support musicians, particularly organ scholars,choral scholars, or choristers, to further their education and give some financial support. Stephen Fort is a former choral scholar of the Trust, who has now made his profession as a successful profundo bass in the wider world.
We are delighted that Stephen has agreed to share his two passions, one for his love of popular music on gramophone with recorded artists such as Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Vera Lynn and more from the 1930s -1950s, and one for his singing English song music in the form of a song recital in St Martin’s Church (listed separately)
The gramophone recital will include tea and cake.

Event content type

Music & choirs

Audience suitability

Suitable for all

Venue & location

Dorking Christian Centre, Dorking, Church Street, RH4 1DW

Registration/Booking information

Voluntary Contribution | No booking required


The Christian Centre is wheelchair friendly. The event is in the hall and cafe which is on the ground floor. There is a disabled toilet. Parking for the disabled is in St Martin's walk car park.

Event organiser

Name: Carol Stewart
Email: carolandmikestewart@outlook.com

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